Why I disagree online although I agree offline.

Hey guys,

other kind of PeRi-not-really-Friday! Surprise! Everyone who knows me offline would surely describe me as an ”con junkie”. My counterpart says yes – I instantly say no. I am not addicted to arguments (but to saying ‘No’), in this way I want to see if someone thought about the pro’s and con’s – I mean, is the person is really skilled relating to the topic or just repeating opinions?
It is easy to have an opinion, even the biggest idiot have one about the most difficult topic but are you (hopefully not a idiot) able to discuss about it? Are you able to think in a different view?
How sure are you? 
As example when you are in a situation where you are giving a presentation -I am your villain. On condition you rattle through down your script – I will ask you questions. I will ask you as long as I feel like you cared about your topic or until you get aggressive (that actual did happen in a course in my university, I am sure the girl hates me now).
I do not want to be mean, I would love people asking me questions about topics which I deeply care about, it shows interest and curiosity. Better being riddled by public than starring into apathetic eyes. 

Sometimes I like to comment on statements I read somewhere (Reddit, YouTube, etc.). Even if I agree, I feel like I should say something because I have a really, really big antipathy relating to smooth statements. Smooth statements are those needless, repeating statements which are just supporting common opinions which are known.
Whatever, several points lead to my break-out anti-comments and one of them is just telling your opinion in a really good way, but without any sources.
I mean, in this moment you could tell me society is wrong in order that the earth is still a plate (and there are people still believing it).
Should I believe you?
Where do you take your information?
Are you sure that your source is safe, or do do you used such like the BILD magazine (obviously not a safe source)? Up to date? Where the hell I am able to know if you are telling the truth?
You see, in this way you do not emphasize your authenticity.
Your message could be good as Goldman Sachs in making money with bets on failing countries, without source, no creed. An other point – when I see you are fishing for thumbs up because of your just repeating a common known opinion although it is not really related to the actual topic.
Do you feel cool now since you said something somehow intelligent? ”Oh, if I add common rant I will be fame and with every thumbs up my cuteness Level increases by 10!”.
No. Even when you write under every windows video on YouTube that ”Linux is still better”, you won’t be cool and genius. Even if you get aggressive and tell me to stop questions your proposition (that actually just happened here (ger)), I won’t. In this way it will be ridiculous. For you. This is the internet baby, pure anarchy and few assholes (just like me) with a lot of time! Nobody, and I repeat, nobody is inerrant. In case you forget facts or you had bad sources and a person in front of her/his computer take a few minutes to make an effort and write a correction- be happy. Beside the correction only includes grammar, then you have my deepest love and permission to be aggressive.
Time is precious and someone decided to give it to you for free. Prodding people to a discussion is not a bad thing. I would feel proud if people begin to think on themselves because of a statement I wrote. This means that those people seriously understood what I am trying to tell them and do not have a attention span in the size of a thumbs up while reading it. A person on Twitter just told me that she thinks that my comments were stimulating to really think about the topic.
For me, this was a big compliment and worth all the rant relating to me. I did reach someone, what did you do with your thumbs up?
Do realize that after few seconds your admirer do not care about what you actually said?
Do you really think you left something behind what is worth knowing?
I do not expect cuddle-discussions – kind of boring.
Let’s fight, let’s be mean to each other, but on an adult way without needless insults and let’s go apart with the feeling our IQ increased.



What do you think? 


sincerely yours



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