Light Saber (Apps’n Trash #3)


Dadamm … dadamm … dadaaa!

Light Saber 

Do you know the episode of Big Bang Theory where Howard uses ”The Whip App”? You want something similar, but more nerdy so you can be (finally) cool? Do you want to be a part of the actual glorious mainstream? Since for two weeks your heart only beats for Star Wars? Incredible Peri has(as always) the perfect solution for you!
By connecting this all I have found something that is perfect to annoy your cinema buddy’s while watching the new movie and feel like an irreplaceable and important part of the great community!
<3 And just right before they kick you out of the cinema defeat all those bad people with your incQuickMemo+_2015-12-15-13-56-50redible app and have a great leaving in the sound of clapping people for your majesty.
As if you leave your house, have friends and people even notice you.

Whatever, I will end the fairy tale here and start with my loved reviews …

The screen is seen just for few seconds, so it was kind of hard to screen shot it, but just after some (3428492342) attempts I was able to get one. It was really worth it because nothing, I am serious, nothing happens, so in this time you can to something really useful. I am serious. DO something useful in your life.

A big hello to Mr. Ad here! He will follow us around, everywhere. Until you die … or just delete the app.
But who knows, may he will hunt you just like me. Muhahaha …

menuSo after you passed this beautiful static screen the app comes up with this simple, but easy to handle (even for apple boys) window. After you just touched the hilt this perfect (from me custom colored) blade appears.
While doing this, the best sound in the world is emitted by your phone. So if you want to annoy your
surroundings (just like me), you know what to do, do you?



QuickMemo+_2015-12-15-13-56-27Just click the colorful line on the right edge and a deluxe small bar appears there, where you can change the color of your blade in real time. However, strangely you are able to change it in the preferences too.
Not enough color in your life/on your light saber? Then just go for the color of the hilt as you see on the screen shots (golden/pink, just like my heart!) in the
Easy to use, user can go crazy by customization … a trashy gets immortal

ad everywhere ...

ad everywhere …

Attempt the menu just by clicking the button on the left upper corner. 
Many, many options which are changeable, but still clear to use. Since the app uses flash when you are whipping your phone to simulate light, they just offered you (Ohh, so nice!) the option to deactivate it in case of trouble.

my customized hilt.

my customized hilt.

Maybe for secret light saber fights while a boring lesson at your university (this is a pointer, not a piece of advice. Pointer hahaha … computer science students get it.). 
But I would counsel you to not deactivate the flash since in combination with the sound (which is mutable too, just in case … ) whipping your phone is really funny. 
Some standard options just like as Sensibility, Vibrator and Reset and something really, really fancy – if you want to activate Transparent background so the app can access your camera.

I am not really sure how to use this kind of function in a logical way (Yeah, there are logical ways to use a app like this … ) and I tend to let it be unused.



Although I can imagine you could position your phone (or just yourself) in several ways and just screen shot the window, so in the end it could look like this.
Funny gadget. But if you want to have a all-over background (aka boring just as your life … ), there is even an option for this! It just a clone of the option for changing the color of the light saber, so you will be untroubled by a more screen shots of this.
However, it is mention able that after you changed options and try to go back to the app, the previous (the first one by the way …) screen shots appears which I only got because I worked hard for it. Why?
by then is that it gets really annoying because I am not able to shut this (really uncomfortable) feeling down, so one trashy need to go to heaven (or hell?). QuickMemo+_2015-12-15-13-59-21When you are bored enough and your phone is already filled with you absolutely beautiful light saber selfies ( sure, beautiful) , just touch the symbol on the right upper corner and a new windows magically appears with even more (useless apps), I assume all from the same developer.
Relating to Mr Ad I want to add that

bad, bad world.

bad, bad world.

even if you want to break up with him and the app, he does not let you go and fill your screen with his sad (not really sad, but I did not like his smile) face, because of you leaving.
He even covered himself in beautiful advertisement for you.


It fits the concept without getting any license problems. Like I said, clear menu and easy to understand and use.
The dark colors suit the app and the options to change colors of several objects is a good way to keep the app thrilling (until Star Wars is out.). Surely the light saber is not realistic, but really – how it should be realistic while you are just holding a smartphone in your hands simulating something from a science fiction movie (sorry for destroying your fantasy world.). 



am ende

The End

Free, available for everyone (who is important) and if you want really want to break up with Mr Ad there is the option of buying the ad-free version actual for under one Euro.
May get boring after few days and just right after the hype gets covered in dust, but there is the chance of getting downloaded repeatedly as a gag, so it is okay. 

Four Trashies have a ticket to heaven (or the new movie) now. 







sincerely yours



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