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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

it is Monday (for me it was Monday!) and I have a new Apps’n Trash blog post for you, in this way the week just can be good!  In case you did not recognize – is cold outside (Boom. Surprise!), so here is a (maybe?) useful app for you and your cold hands (just cold as my heart <3). Sadly I am too late to use the phrase “Winter is coming”. Surely it is not overused and still funny to read! Let’s go!

Screenshot_2016-03-06-19-23-57helpsectionFor those who do not know – this is a hot-water bag. People normally use such kinds of bags when  they have stomach pain, whatever pain or freeze. I do not understand the connection between a Hand Warmer and a hot-water bag (although both are warm and for heating certain areas of your body), since my hand is surely not as big as a plate and I never saw someone sting around and holding such a bag in her or his hands, but maybe it is just me. 

The button in the middle of the bag is not hard to spot, but for those who still have problems while using Hand Warmer – just click on the upper right corner for the help section.
If you are looking for more buttons – there are no more although you have the choose to visit Mr Advertisement on the lower border. The help section only includes a text named ”How does work” (Are there really people who needs a instruction for a one-button-app?).testhelpsection The summary: press the big grey button and the back of your mobile phone gets warm. Wow. I won’t talk about the missing punctuation marks and just go ahead. Right after you pressed the desired button the color of it changes to a soul heating orange and (surprise!) the word ”Warming …” appears. Maybe to remind you that the app is heart warming (haha…sorry). If you click again, button gets back to grey and nothing happens anymore. 

How does work? 
Such Apps utilise the mobile phones (or other devices) CPU to generate heat on the back of your device. Ever remember when your phone just did get warm while using? Specially while using ”big” Apps like Games etc. you are able to recognize the heat of your battery, because is tiring for your phone. you can match-able  with a human being who is exercising (for a computer scientist like me a rare species) – in this way he/she (normally) begins to sweat and the skin is getting hotter, although I doubt that your mobile phone will ever seriously sweat (this would be kind of disgusting …).
I hope something (maybe your brain cells) are jingling in your head. If you are working out the naturally result exhaustion.
Connect this way of thinking with the current CPU so you should get the conclusion that those Apps drain your phone faster than instant Facebook-updating. 

Screenshot_2016-03-06-19-23-57Design, design, design, design … Design!

Easy. Easy to use, easy to overlook. Although the white line (as you can see here) looks a bit stupid but maybe they thought the Advertisement will cover it.
But I was faster with my screen shot- you can not hide something from me, ha! Mr Advertisement is not as annoying as in other Apps for the reason that you are not active using it. icon_handwarmerapp
You turn Hand Warmer on and leave it alone, so the (nonexistent) design does not attract much attention. 

This will be the first time where I will talk about the icon too but seriously, look at this stupid one.
I never ever saw someone using a hot-water bag in this way and just like that I keep thinking the hand is caressing it.
”Good bag, fine bag. Just keep heating. Well done! Tap tap.” No. Am I the only one who makes weird associations with Lamas mit Hüten? Maybe because of the warm blood or so. Just a bit creepy, just a bit…




Whatever, Hand Warmer fulfills the function of a hot-water bag simulation (without the water) so 4 of 5 Trashies will find they way to the big, big world.
Be free!
And RUN!







sincerely yours



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