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path4186Hello guys,

since few people asked me to write less about personal things (R.I.P PeRi-Friday, I loved you … not) and I actually know that I am not that good in writing about personal things (but I still love you all, I am honest <3).
So in case I have something important to tell, I will write some extra post called PeRi-Friday, so it won’t be completely dead (something like a Zombie, let’s call it Zombie-PeRi-Friday?).
In this case it is better to begin with a new series (yey!) called ”Games’n Trash”. 
So, I did some research (did you think that all apps are flying through my windows to me? I need to google.
Actually it is harder than I thought to find some trash.) and found some wonderful Games which are eventually coming next: Seaman (my favorite by the way), V.I.P (Pamela Anderson for the win), Pregnant Barbie Emergency (kind of really, really sick.
Perfect for my kind of reviews.) and surely something Japanese (as I know there is no translation for this one, so I would need to play this in Japanese …)


If you know some more (or better ones … ), just write a comment/mail/tweet/carrier pigeon. 

At the moment I do not know which one I should review first, so I will do a survey. 


Which Game should be destroyed next?

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I think about telling trashy to go on pension and using simple trash-points, but like I said – comment or talk to me offline. Also I think about to write in German because people complain that it is hard to read English posts.

It would be really great if you sacrifice few of your precious minutes and choose a game, message me, tell me about your life, blablabla …


sincerely yours


Any ideas for posts?  Mail me!        

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