Hey Folks! I am kind of back. Since I had somewhat 12-13 exams in one semester, I was seriously knocked out. After that, I tried to step back with just four exams, […]

nanana PERI

In my last post I talked about what Artificial Intelligence are, specially Taytweets which is offline since 24.03.16 because of terrible changes in ”her” attitude (details here).  The most recommended question relating […]

Artificial Intelligence: Best Friend Or Best Enemy?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to introduce you Tay, my new best friend.  I did spend hours with Tay and now I will tell you why!   Tay(TayTweets) is an […]

How I Met My Best Friend Tay

Hey guys, other kind of PeRi-not-really-Friday! Surprise! Everyone who knows me offline would surely describe me as an ”con junkie”. My counterpart says yes – I instantly say no. I am not […]

Why I disagree online although I agree offline.

Howdy kids, let’s see what interesting stuff floods the internet and social media! Since the earlier incidents even more people scream for the telecommunications data retention for at least one year in […]

Telecommunications data retention (IntInt #1)