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Hello guys,

A new Apps’n Trash! what do you mentally connect with your birthday? Presents? No! A cake? You are close! I do not want to be mean, so I will tell you- candles! A Party, Date and every serious romantic appointment without candle is dishonorable. So somewhere in a lonely night a person just thought an app which simulates a candle is necessary for our world. Absolutely gorgeous. Sadly I am a bit late for Valentine, but you are primed for next year.

amazing_candle_oThat is the home page. Amazing. Such realistic. Such fun. Wow.

If you think, this is a joke, I sadly need to disappoint you.
There are no setting, no secret button to press, nothing. I need to fulfill my 500 words for my post, I will talk about the app itself – it is free (if Amazing Candle wouldn’t be and they still show advertisement no Trashie would be alive at this point) and available for Android. It is just by my all-time-favorite developer: jpjoyip. He/She also developed Endless Chips and there are even more apps to review by this wonderful human being.

Let’s go forward, to blow out the candle you need to choose between two
options: tapping with your finger or blowing in your microphone. In case of option two breathing out is enough (I tried it), I wish it were that easy in real life, too.
Assuming that you have fun while using the app, with a tap of your finger you can easily lighten up the candle again (not with blowing on, I tried it).

amazing_candle_tThere is no counter, no high score, or just something like a statistic. Therefor you would need to take good old pen and paper and write the number of how often you killed and reanimated your candle down, although I am not sure why someone should to that.
I need to be honest – it is really calming to watch burning candles or to keep an eye on their smoke lifting up in the virtual sky of my mobile phone. After you spend your precious time with watching a virtual candle burn and real life just hit you hard, leaving the app is just one tap away – back-space.
Before Amazing Candle let you go, here is the most important part of it: 

amazing_candle_threeThe Game of Ads.
Seriously, I never saw so much of them in one page in such a small space (ten different advertisements here!).
You do not see it, but on the lower border of the candle, just right after the brownish one – there is even one more banner with random content.
I am amazed and disgusted at the same time.
The exit surface just look as it was designed in a how-to-course for beginners and really does not suit the whole appearance, especially the borders and buttons itself, which are looking kind of low-cost.  


hello, again.

Following your decision to close the app one more -who is just as well surprised – advertisement for your poor soul. When I take couple seconds and sum up all the advertisement and banner I was attacked by, a magic twelve appears.

For the poor quantity of functions and pages, jpjoyip managed to place a small fortune of advertisements. One Trashie will be immortal for his/her courage and input. 


All in all, at the first sight the design did seem acceptable, but the exit surface looks like a mess and with The Games of Ads on the top I do not sense something to recover anymore. Compared to all the other apps I just tried (Endless Chips,Useless Web, Light Saber) my interest for it leaves me as fast as you are able to blow out the candle. 


Graduations Amazing Candle, you just got the worst rating ever on this blog! Burn!





Psst … what do you think about this one?




sincerely yours



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